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Do I have to complete the registration form on the website?
Yes, all principal buyers or brokers must complete the registration form to receive notices of upcoming sales, complete property details, and the necessary paperwork needed to submit a bid.
How do I place a bid?
All bids must be made using Letter of Intent provided by and submitted to RE/MAX Commercial Brokers, Inc.
Is this sealed bid sale an auction?
No, the sealed bid sale is not an auction. The seller is not obligated to accept the highest bid.
Will the highest bid for each property be accepted?
The owner reserves the right to reject or accept any offer for any reason. The seller is not obligated to accept the highest bid.
I am a broker/agent. Can I participate in the Sealed Bid Sale?
Cooperating Brokers will be paid a commission if their registered client closes on a property. Please see the "Terms and Conditions" document relative to a specific sale. In order to register a client, Cooperating Broker must return “Co-operating Broker Registration Form” to RE/MAX Commercial Brokers, Inc. with signature from Broker and Client/Bidder.